A Young Female Entrepreneur of PNG

A Young Female Entrepreneur of PNGEncouraging PNG Business is significant in getting the people more involved in business activities that can assist nurture the country’s economy.

‘Mami Chakara’ a 100% PNG owned Hair & Beauty Company, retained by an imminent young female entrepreneur Ms Watna Mori, was launched recently in Port Moresby at level 2 ANG Haus. Watna, who is the Managing Director for Mami Chakara got her business name from Africa, which means ‘wild girl’ in the local African Pidgin slang.
She said all their hair care products are made with PNG ingredients and its 100% suitable for natural PNG hair.

Watna is also inspiring young women out there who want to venture into business to work hard and be strong-minded by their dreams and goals and to apply their expertise and knowledge to their best abilities that will benefit themselves and their family and also the country as a whole.