Building the economy of PNG

Building the economy of PNGMore than 5000 participants of the financial education program, graduated in Madang, most of them mothers from nearby villages. Banking the unbanked is an endeavour by the Central Bank of PNG, the Asian Development Bank, the Australian Government and the Government of PNG.

The Microfinance Expansion Project targets mostly the population in the rural areas of the country and has already impacted thousands of lives. The classes serve to teach these communities the position of saving and investing, thus contributing in building the country’s economy.

At the ceremony, the graduates were applauded by the chairman of the steering committee, Mr. Benny Popoitai and urged not to be bystanders while the country’s economy grows.

As a major sponsor of the project, a representative from Australia’s department of foreign affairs and trade, previously AUSAID shared on Australia’s interest to help stimulate PNG’s economy. Also present to show their support were all of the commercial banks in the country, ready for graduates to open accounts after their ceremony.


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